MLQ 2022 Challenge

Early each year, MLQ presents a “Challenge” which members may respond to over the course of the year. Completed objects are anonymously presented at our December meeting. Members then vote for their favorite quilted object.

This year’s guild challenge is to design and  fabricate a quilted object using only solid black, solid white, black and white print fabrics, and  shades, tones, and tints of a color assigned to you

You will be given a color card to aid in your  color selections. You will be limited to a  maximum size of a perimeter of 144 inches (36”  x 36”). 

You may also use a small piece of complimentary  color, as defined on the back of your card, as an  accent or focal point of your piece. 

Contact Sue Reeps by email if interested in  participating by Jan 28 and let her know if you  plan to be at a meeting or need it sent to you.