MLQ 2021 UFO Exchange Challenge and Reveal

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We all have them hidden away somewhere. You thought it would be OUT OF THIS WORLD But THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE–it’s not!
It’s time to admit: You need some space from that project.

Over the next few months we will come in peace to the Tredyffrin library to collect your offerings.  You will pick up a UFO and if you have one (or more) you will drop them off. 

Here is THE TRUTH:
locate a UFO that you know you won’t finish or you are just “done” with. Bag up whatever remaining parts you are willing to donate.  Include a note with your name (that can be removed later) bring your UFO to Tredyffrin library: Wednesday February 27, 10-10:30am. Future date will be announced monthly.

The alien who receives your UFO will be free to do as she pleases to complete a quilt. ** She will NOT have to finish your project as you’ve started, she may cut up or stitch up however she pleases.  She can add fabric, thread, color, embellishments, or any cosmic augmentation. Please take a picture of the UFO before you start working on it and after you have completed your work. Make sure you document the name of the UFO contributor as well as your name.

As with most alien abductions: EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!
As a general rule, we all use different techniques in our quilting.  Please keep the donated UFO to standard piecing.   Meaning: do not donate an applique project or an EPP project–as we do not all do this type of work.  The next person may finish using the technique of her choice– but we should be able to see the original blocks (or their pieces) in the finished work. 

Our grand reveal via a Zoom powerpoint presentation will be December 2021.  At that time, the original owner of the UFO will be announced as well as the finisher.  We would love to see these pieces donated to our Pieces of Love charities or another charity who might fit better with that final quilt.  This will also allow for the finisher to keep it to a manageable size. Feel free to donate the completed UFO quilt to one of our Charities during our scheduled quilt pick ups during the year. Make sure you have taken a picture of the quilt to submit for the Challenge.


Sixteen anonymous entries showing the before and after.